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Increasing Efficiency
Often times undertaking a renovation simply for the sake of increasing energy efficiency is painfully slow in returning results.  What is often overlooked by many other contractors today is the substantial increase in efficiency that can be gained during a renovation that is not done purely for that end.  For a very minimal cost increase to a regular renovation, dramatic increases in efficiency can be gained, particularly by sealing convective air leaks and adding low profile thermal insulation materials.  Sadly, many contractors today are only concerned with completing the cosmetic or structural changes of the job, and miss the huge opportunity to substantially improve the performance of the space being renovated.  We strive to stay current on methods and materials available for maximizing the efficiency of a space while alreadiy doing a renovation.  Again, most of the time, the renovation for the sake of increasing efficiency alone is not cost effective, but the loss of that opportunity for NOT doing so while renovationg is awful.
Kitchen Renovation

If you own your home, it might be easier to ask what we don't do!  We can help you improve your property with additions, a new garage, decks, major renovations that might move walls, full kitchen and bath remodels... Maybe you only need a window or door replaced, or a storm door added, or you want to update a few switches and light fixtures?  Did that storm blow a piece of your siding or aluminum trim loose?  We can help with any of these things! 

When you call Callender Residential Services, you won't have to coordinate with four different contractors to get a larger project completed, but we're still willing to help with the smaller projects that come with owning your home!

Below are a few highlights of popular and diverse services we provide:
Siding Update
As in the bath, we can help with that leaky faucet, new dishwasher or garbage disposal; we can also open up that wall to update your floorplan to a more modern, open concept and handle all the rest!  New flooring - tile, hardwood, laminate or vinyl - replacing a window, installing the cabinets, adding a line for that new icemaker...we can install all of your appliances with the electrical and plumbing they require and handle all the details of transforming your dream kitchen into reality.  Again, about the only thing we don't do is the countertop!
Tired of painting every year, or the worn and dingy look of other siding you currently have?  We can fix that.  Not only will our new siding increase the beauty and weatherproofing of your home, in many cases, homeowners see an increase of 5R value in their walls' thermal properties.
If you have any question concerning the scope of a project you may be considering, please don't hesitate to contact us.  No job is too big or too small.  From home maintenance to home improvements, we've got you covered!
Bath Renovation
From fixing a leaky faucet to replacing the tub and adding a vent fan, or taking out walls to expand, all manners of improvements are possible.  We can replace and relocate plumbing to accommodate a new floor plan, relocate or add electrical, install your tile, cabinetry, drywall and finish... about the only thing in your bathroom you'd need to call someone else for would be install custom granite vanity tops!
What Can We Do For You?
Additions & Garages
​From adding a screened porch, to a 3 season room or full basement addition, we can help you increase the square footage of your home.  Free standing detached garages are no problem either; we can get the electrical out to the planned location and build it from the ground up.