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What Really Matters
Maybe you glanced at that heading for half a second and kept reading- but take a second to think about that: "What REALLY matters?"  Why do we do what we do and make the choices we do?  

As the owner of Callender Residential Services, I am truly appreciative of the freedoms and opportunities that come with living in America, and deeply grateful to the many men and women who serve and have served to protect our way of life.  While "The American Dream" may imply various elements to different individuals, the opportunity to own your home- regardless of family inheritance- is almost universally a part of that dream.  

A new car, the latest cell phone, a bigger TV...there are many ways we may choose to spend our money that make our lives better and more enjoyable, but after a few years, how much value have those things lost?  The amazing thing about our home is, we can use it as long as we like, and if properly maintained, usually sell it for as much or more than we paid for it!  Home improvements are almost the only way a person can spend money to increase their satisfaction and quality of life, and still retain a substantial amount of the money spent- or even gain from it!  In a way, you could say that what we do for a living is to help people enjoy life more, while helping preserve or grow their great a job is that!?!?!

At Callender Residential Services, we're passionate about helping our fellow Americans improve, maintain, and enjoy what for many of us is the greatest single investment of our lives.
"It's just been one of those days, I was thinking 'poor me'...
It's just been one of those days for me, but for them it's been one of those lives"
                ~Brad Paisley
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Amidst the struggles and stresses of our everyday lives, it can be very easy to lose track of how good we really have it.  While you might be upset that you're calling us to replace that broken hot water heater, children in another country spend their entire day carrying buckets of fresh water home because the only safe water source is miles away!  The worst problems can seem so small from another perspective, and whatever we're going through, someone somewhere would gladly trade places!

Below are some links to a couple of absolutely amazing causes- locally and globally- that we are so proud to support**.  Please take a minute and visit their sites; perhaps you might want to get involved too!
** Callender Residential Services supports these charities financially and/or through donated services at the sole discretion of the owner.  Doing business with Callender Residential Services should not lead you to believe that you are supporting these causes... 
even IF it were true that a set percentage of profits are donated, the amount of regulation and bureaucracy that would be involved in making that statement on our site is overwhelming.
Even if you're not a country music fan, the words are powerful and worth a quick listen!
To provide opportunities, create environments and enable children and families to live a life of 'best days ever'.